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Congratulations on choosing Trufacial, the only professional grade Skin Rejuvenation Device for home use. We're excited to help you get started and make the most out of your new device.

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FAQ & Troubleshooting

Encounter a hiccup? No worries! Below, you'll find a list of common troubleshooting tips to assist you. Whether it's a minor query or a technical challenge, our FAQs section is designed to provide quick and efficient solutions. Still having issues? Do not hesitate to email us.


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FAQ & Troubleshooting

Q: My tip isn’t working, no serum is coming out. What do I do?

A: If you didn’t clean your tip thoroughly after your last treatment, there could be dried up serum. This picture shows dried up serum clogging up the pathway from the device to your skin. Hold the tip up to the light and if you see serum sitting in there similar to this picture, then you know its clogged. If your serum is clear, you wont be able to see the serum. A great test is to take the cleaning solution bottle nozzle and squeeze some solution through the outside hole, if the solution doesn’t pass through, then you know your tip is clogged.

To unclog the tip and dissolve the dried serum, soak the tip in cleaning solution for several hours. If it’s a small amount of serum, a couple of hours will dissolve the serum, if it’s more serum clogging the tip, please know it will take a few hours to dissolve the serum. Do a quick test by placing the cleaning solution bottle nozzle into the outside hole again to ensure its passing through. If not, leave the tip to soak longer. If the cleaning solution passes through the hole, you are ready to use your tip again.  Its best to soak in a cup of cleaning solution to ensure the entire tip is covered.  This picture shows the tip in a ziplock bag soaking in cleaning solution.

Q: My tip doesn’t have enough serum coming through to my skin and its leaking at the tip.

A: The following picture shows an incorrect way to insert the tip.  The tip is not inserted all the way. 

The picture below shows serum leaking if the tip is not inserted all the way. 

The correct way to insert the tip is seen in the photo below.  The tip should be pressed all the way in with no gap between the tip and the device and you will not see serum leaking.

Q: My device is not pumping and it's making a strange noise

A: Make sure the tip is not inserted upside down. This could cause your tip to not pump any serums out, or could cause leaking too. 

The picture below shows the incorrect way to insert the tip. 

The correct way to insert the tip is illustrated below. Please make sure the holes in the tip match up to the ports on the device. 

Q: What are the benefits of using Trufacial?


Q: My skin is flaking and dry, is this normal?

A: If you are currently not using a strong professional strength retinol, your skin will flake for 3-4 treatments with the anti-aging serum until your old skin has been renewed.

Q: My skin is breaking out after using Trufacial.

A: Initially, you may also have minor acne breakouts which is temporary. This is because the skin will start to purge its impurities, especially after a deep exfoliation. Depending on how much impurities are locked inside your pores and skin, this purging process may take as little as one week or a 2-3 weeks.

Q: I cant insert my pods into my device.

A: Make sure you always have a serum pod with a waste/purge pod clicked together, or a cleaning pod with a waste/purge pod. If you have a serum pod with a cleaning pod, the notches in the pods will not align with the notches in the device. Please note: Do not remove the silicone caps from your serum pods or your cleaning pods. You only remove the cap from your waste/purge pod. If you remove the caps, you may accidentally put the wrong cap on the wrong pod, and mix up your cleaning pod with waste/purge pod as they have different notches and they will not line up with the device! The waste pod has a different spacing on it.

Q: How often can I use my Trufacial?

A: Trufacial can be easily used 1-2 times a week. You can use your Step 2, Brightening, and Step 3, Microneedling dermal roller more often 2-3 times a week. Please do not use Step 1, Diamond microdermabrasion tip more than twice a week, as you can over exfoliate your skin, which is not something you want to do.

Q: Should I see anything in my purge pod while doing the treatment?

A: The purge pod will only get filled after you complete the cleaning cycle. This is because you are delivering only a small amount of serum throughout the treatment, and not enough to see it in the waste pod. All your impurities, dead skin, oil, etc is sitting along the inside tubing, which gets washed out and cleaned during the cleaning process into the purge pod.

Q: Do I apply my regular night time cream/moisturizer after my Trufacial in the evening?

A: You do not need to apply any additional skin care that same evening after Trufacial. Let the serums work their magic overnight. Next morning, wash your face with a cleaner and you will notice how soft and smooth your skin is. You can continue with your morning routine skin care.