Trufacial One Year Limited Warranty


For Trufacial Branded Product Only

By using your TruFacial or any associated Trufacial products, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the Trufacial one (1) year limited warranty as set out below. Do not use your product until you have read the terms of the warranty. If you do not agree to the terms of the warranty, do not use the product and return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund.  Failure to follow the warranty process may result in your return being rejected.  


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state to state (or by country or province). Other than as permitted by law, Trufacial does not exclude, limit or suspend other rights you may have, including those that may arise from the nonconformity of a sales contract. For a full understanding of your rights, you should consult the laws of your country, province, or state.


Limited Warranty


To the extent permitted by law, this warranty and the remedies set forth are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies, and conditions, whether oral, written, statutory, express, or implied. TruFacial disclaims all statutory and implied warranties, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and warranties against hidden or latent defects, to the extent permitted by law. In so far as such warranties cannot be disclaimed, TruFacial limits the duration and remedies of such warranties to the duration of this express warranty and, at Trufacial’s option, the repair or replacement services described below. Some states (countries and provinces) do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty (or condition) may last, so the limitation described above may not apply to you.


Warranty Coverage


Trufacial warrants the Trufacial product contained in the original packaging (“Trufacial product”) against defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with Trufacial’s for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user purchaser (“warranty period”). Trufacial’s or the manufacturer’s published guidelines include but are not limited to information contained in technical specifications, user manuals, and communications.


Warranty Disclaimer


This warranty does not apply to any non-Trufacial branded hardware products or any software, even if packaged or sold with Trufacial hardware. Suppliers other than Trufacial, may provide their own warranties to you – please contact them for further information. Trufacial does not warrant that the operation of the Trufacial product will be uninterrupted or error-free. Trufacial is not responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the Trufacial product’s use.


This warranty does not apply: (a) to consumable parts, such as batteries or protective coatings that are designed to diminish over time, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship; (b) to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic on ports unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship; (c) to damage caused by use with a third party component or product that does not meet the Trufacial product’s specifications product specifications are available in the product manual for the Trufacial product and www.trufacial.com under product manuals; (d) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact, or other external cause; (e) to damage caused by operating the Trufacial product outside Trufacial’s published guidelines; (f) to damage caused by anyone who is not a representative of Trufacial; (g) to Trufacial product that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Trufacial; (h) or to defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the Trufacial product.  Failing to clean the Trufacial product with the Cleaning Solution provided after each use voids the limited warranty. 


Before receiving warranty service, Trufacial requires that you fill out a warranty request form and provide proof of purchase details and an actual photo of the product, respond to questions designed to assist with diagnosing potential issues, and follow Trufacial’s procedures for obtaining warranty service. During warranty service, Trufacial might require you to send your Trufacial product for testing. Trufacial must approve the warranty service before you return the item.  If approved, Trufacial will send you a prepaid shipping label to use with your warranty service.  Do not disassemble the Trufacial product. Taking the Trufacial product apart may cause damage that is not covered by this warranty.  The product must be packaged safely to prevent damage during shipping.


If during the warranty period, you submit a claim to Trufacial in accordance with this warranty, Trufacial will, at its option: (i) repair the Trufacial product using new or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, (ii) replace the Trufacial product with the same model (or with your consent a product that has similar functionality) formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or (iii) exchange the Trufacial customer service team at customerservice@trufacial.com When a Trufacial product or part is replaced or a refund is provided, any replacement item becomes your property and the replaced or refunded item becomes Trufacial’s property.


Please contact Trufacial’s customer service team at customerservice@trufacial.com which will help determine whether your Trufacial product requires service and, if it does, will inform you how TruFacial will provide it.