Trufacial 3 Steps


Dina El-Sherif

Founder and CEO

Dr. Mahmoud El-Sherif


The patented Trufacial™ System was the brainchild of a dynamic father / daughter duo: Dina, El-Sherif, an MBA and medical aesthetics industry veteran of over 20 years; and her father, Dr. Mahmoud El-Sherif, an expert in the field of microelectronics, fiber optics, materials and biomedical engineering with over 45 years of experience in academia, R&D, and prototype development. With over 30 patents, Dr. El-Sherif is an honored member of Who's Who of American Inventors and is the inventor of the Trufacial device.

During the Covid pandemic, Dina recognized a need for more sophisticated skin health and beauty technologies to help deliver professional-grade results to the skin in the comfort of home. In short, there was a gap in the aesthetics market – an unmet need for advanced skin health technology that would provide professional-grade results at home.

Having worked with her father since college, Dina saw an opportunity to collaborate with him on a new product of their own. He agreed, and they worked tirelessly to develop a prototype device that delivered skin-perfecting results at an economic price, enabling use by anyone, anywhere.

Together, they created a personalized handheld device that incorporates three of the leading proven professional skin technologies: microdermabrasion, massage and microneedling dermal rollers via interchangeable treatment tips that enhance absorption of targeted clinical-grade serums via an all-in-one skin perfecting device…….and Trufacial was born.

About Trufacial

Trufacial is dedicated to reigniting self-love by helping people rediscover the health and beauty of their skin. As the first and only patented, home skin rejuvenation device, this advanced facial rejuvenation device provides unparalleled convenience while delivering exceptional results. Trufacial offers a state-of-the-art professionally designed system that seamlessly combines a 3-step process to refresh, restore and renew skin with high sustainably sourced serums packed with high-quality ingredient benefits for specific skin conditions to deliver a truly personalized experience.

The Trufacial Skin Rejuvenation Device is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons because they are confident their patients will experience the optimal at-home skin care to address their individual skin concerns and maintain favorable outcomes.

Achieving the professional-grade results has never been easier, as Trufacial brings this transformative experience right to the comfort of your home. We are committed to helping all individuals fall in love with their radiant skin through our innovative products and technologies - anytime, anywhere.

What Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons are Saying

Thoughtfully Engineered

“Thoughtfully designed, beautifully engineered, Trufacial gives you maximum control over your At-Home skincare routine.” Read More Read Less

Dr. Joshua Weitz

Dermatology Associates of Rochester
Truly Self Care

“As a Dermatologist, I am spending most of my time caring for others, Trufacial will allow me to truly care for myself.” Read More Read Less

Dr. Lesley Loss

Dermatology Associates of Rochester
Category Changer

“As a facial plastic surgeon, I believe Trufacial will be a category changer in our aesthetic industry. This is the first true professional grade device to deliver results at home. I will recommend this to all my patients and allow them to maintain the results of their procedures and their office based treatments. Having skin exfoliated on a weekly basis and using high end serums massaged and microneedled once a week will only help me help my patients and allow them to maintain the results of their procedures and office-based treatments. Everyone is looking for convenience and results today and this device delivers both!” Read More Read Less

Dr. Jason Bloom

Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery
Breakthrough Technology

“TruFacial is the first professional grade skin care device offered for home use. It is a breakthrough technology that allows the consumer to care for their skin with an easy to use, highly effective and safe unit.” Read More Read Less

Dr. David Vasily

Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center
Glowing Refreshed Skin

“Trufacial is the only multifunctional hydradermabrasion device on the market that is available for home use. My patients and myself included, love to achieve glowing, refreshed skin after a professional grade facial, but finding the time to come to the office for treatments can be a challenge. With the ability to perform multiple steps including exfoliation and improving hydration, individuals of all ages can experience the benefits of TruFacial at home for ongoing skin maintenance. The serums utilized are customizable based on the individual’s needs to achieve healthy, radiant skin. I’m so excited for my patients to get the TruFacial experience!” Read More Read Less

Dr. Katherine Caretti

Ferrara Dermatology Clinic

“Trufacial’s handheld Hydradermabrasion system is a true Game-Changer and the Only at home device I recommend. The combination of Trufacial’s beautifully engineered device and Medical grade serums now make professional grade skin care accessible and affordable for all to achieve the most healthy, radiant skin possible.” Read More Read Less

Dr. Kristine Romine

KRMD Advanced Medical Skin Care
Amazing Milestone in home treatment

“TruFacial is an amazing milestone in offering professional grade home treatment that promotes skin health. I am excited by the hydradermabrasion technology along with the therapeutic tips which provide skin refreshing, renewal, and repair capability. Combined with the serums, this combination will afford the ability to perform phenomenal treatments in the home environment.” Read More Read Less

Dr. Richard Ferrara

Ferrara Dermatology Clinic
Breakthrough Technology

“TruFacial is the first professional grade skin care device offers for home use. It is a breakthrough technology that allows the consumer to care for their skin with an easy to use, highly effective and safe unit.” Read More Read Less

Dr. David Vasily

Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center
LOVE Trufacial

“Finally my patients and I can take our facial treatments home! TruFacial allows us to maintain our Skin Health Anytime, Anywhere! Cleanse, Exfoliate and Infuse special serums with our own hands and in our own homes. Our patients, staff and I LOVE Trufacial.” Read More Read Less

Dr. Grant Stevens

Marina Plastic Surgery

Trufacial In The Spotlight

Trufacial Featured in New Beauty

Being a prestigious publication within the aesthetics industry, this recognition highlights our dedication to revolutionizing skincare.

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Trufacial Captures 2024 People’s Choice Award at Octane’s Aesthetics Tech Forum

Trufacial™ Founder and CEO Dina El-Sherif Proudly Accepts People's Choice Award 2024 for Innovative Trufacial Skin Perfecting Device at Octane's Aesthetic Tech Forum. Trufacial is the first of its kind handheld skin rejuvenation solution for home use.

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Featured in Plastic Surgery Practice

Trufacial has been featured in Plastic Surgery Practice for winning the 2024 People's Choice Award at the Aesthetics Tech Forum. PSP is a weekly newsletter that publishes critical content that plastic surgeons rely on for the latest information and in-depth coverage of the latest innovations, procedures, treatment options, practice management, and services available in the aesthetics industry. We speak to doctors, manufacturers, and industry experts about the latest trends and issues affecting plastic surgery to keep our audience of professionals informed.

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Press Release: Trufacial™ Receives Patent

Trufacial™ has receives patent (US Patent #11,786,438 B2) for Innovative Dual-Function Plates Integrated Into Its Handheld Skin Rejuvenation System for Simultaneous Delivery of Specific Skin Perfecting Methods.

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Trufacial founder, Dina El-Sherif on Technology of Beauty.

Dina El-Sherif was featured on the Technology of Beauty with Dr. Grant Stevens to discuss the new revolutionary breakthrough technology Trufacial, a handheld home skin rejuvenation device.

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Press Release: Introducing Trufacial - An Innovative Skin Perfecting Technology

A Hand-Held Device with Specialized Treatment Tips and Targeted Serums for Professional-Grade Aesthetic Results At Home

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